Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wine and Chicken

Well this is interesting.  I've been selling wine in Gainesville, Georgia, the chicken capitol of the world, since 1986 and I never thought about the wealth of wine ideas the bird has set before me.  I always thought Chardonnay or Pinot Noir were my options but now I'm starting over with a blank slate and no preconceived notions thanks again to Lettie Teagues of the Wall Street Journal.  On March 29th of this year in an article entitled, "The Wine Lovers' Chicken Conundrum", Teagues reminded us that chicken is essentially a neutral food before it gets its preparatory adornment and is capable of accommodating a number of different wines, again, depending on how the bird is being prepared.

So here's the rule: Lighter simpler foods go with lighter simpler wines and heavier stronger foods with heavier stronger wines.  With a few exceptions, of course.  So let's book'em, Danno, and do this thing:

Remember the bland chicken soup mom fed you when you were sick as a kid?  Let's go with Vinho Verde with that one.
How about Progresso or something of similar quality?  Pinot Grigio, Gruner Veltliner
What about chicken soup like what they have in Spain?  Viognier, Torrontes
Roast Chicken?  I still say Pinot Noir.
Fried Chicken?  Man, it's wide open!  How about Riesling for now.
Chicken Casserole?  Since we said Pinot Noir above, let's say Barbera here.
Chicken in a tomato sauce?  Pick your Italian poison; Chianti, by any other name.
Pizza with chicken and everything else.  Trebbiano for a white; Nero d'Avola for a red.
Chicken Tacos?  Spanish Monastrell?
Other Mexican Pollo?  Other Spanish reds!
Breasts on the grill.  Cabernet Sauvignon but not a monster.
Blackened and spiced breasts on the grill.  Bring in the monster.
Smoked!  Gewurztraminer for a white; Cabernet Franc for a red.

Hey, this is fun.  Let's keep going.

Chicken flavored Alpo.  Franzia in the box!

Okay, we'll stop there.  But wasn't it fun and interesting.  Depending on preparation basically any wine fits the bill!

One more thing...remember Roses go with everything!

Here's our current Friday evening 5-8pm tasting schedule:

     June 13th: California and Washington State reds and whites
     June 20th: Tommy Basham of Continental Beverage with new Italian high end red blends
     June 27th: Taylor Moore of Eagle Rock with Small Vineyards Italians and new California reds.


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