Monday, April 1, 2013

The Best Wine Tasting Ever

Last Thursday we tasted six wines from Gail Avera and Atlanta Beverage and I remember thinking at the time that this lineup may be our best ever in our in-store tasting program.  Here they are:

1.  2011 Pindar Marlborough New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.  The back label says "aromas and flavors of gooseberry, passionfruit, and nectarine".  I would contribute "balance and elegance".  This one exercises restraint, not opting for the extreme citrus bomb style so many New Zealanders do.

2.  2010 Reata Carneros Chardonnay.  The back label: "Bright tropical fruit aromas complement rich, vibrant green apple and crisp citrus flavors".  I'll buy that.  The attendant tasters thought so too as they gushed over this one.

3.  2010 Lavau Cotes du Rhone.  In my thirty+ years in this business I don't think I have ever tasted a better one.  This estate-produced wine has a back label that is educational and directed towards wine lovers who want substantive information.

4.  2011 Mureda Spanish Syrah.  Mureda has no information on the label and their website doesn't list the Syrah so this is probably sourced in bulk with an American destination in mind.  That said, it was a masculine steak wine that was way better than its price point.

5.  2009 Reata Whiplash Redemption Red Blend.  We tasted four wines from Reata and selected the higher tier Chardonnay above and this lower tier red for our store inventory.  The blend here is 65% Syrah, 25% Barbera, and 10% Zinfandel.  This was the best seller of the evening.

6.  2006 Proemio Argentine Mendoza Reserve Malbec.  Back label: "round,velvety, and full with raspberry and blackberry flavors and a lengthy finish of coffee and chocolate".  Uh, yeah.  The bottle age also helps this one stand out from other incredible Malbecs.

Then on Friday night we tasted six more that were exemplary but now I'm sounding hyperbolic and that's not my intention or my nature.  The wines last week were just plain good!  The prices of the wines over both tastings ranged from $10 to $35.

Stop in the store this week before Friday, that is, from Monday to Thursday, and mix up a case of any twelve and get a 20% discount if you pay in cash or write a check.  No cards for this offering since the banks claim so much of a percentage in this narrow profit margin business.

On Thursday evening, April 4th from 5 to 7pm, Carolee Williams of Eagle Rock Distributing joins us with a half dozen from Small Vineyards Imports.  This exemplary company only imports wines from small family-owned estates in the Mediterranean region.  Their noble mission statement may be read on their homepage at  Please join us Thursday for that one.

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