Monday, April 8, 2013

Just a Grillin'

Yesterday my wife, Lu, surprised me with a new smoker grill.  Now, Lu loves me.  She really does.  But she's no fool either.  She loves her grilled meats too.  I'm not saying she pulled a fast one on me but I think she was marinading the pork chops before we went on our surprise grill shopping trip.  But it's irrelevent anyway because I got doubly psyched as soon as we got home.  I snapped that thing together in record time...and I'm a mechanical incompetent!  It had been way too long since I had smoked anything on a grill and when I set that box of woodchips in there, man, I was in heaven!  Did I mention it's red?

So the instructions said to crank the heat up to the maximum for a while when you turn it on for the first time before lowering it to the correct temperature.  I did that and had that box of chips in there and I was in euphoria.  Man, I felt high.  Eventually I got the chops and shittake mushrooms and laid them out cozily on the grill and they cooked nicely in too short of a time considering my state and we sat down to enjoy. 

I opened one of those Spanish reds that is way better than it should be.  This time it was the Circles Syrah/Grenache ($9.99) which has it's own roasted, smoky flavor wrapped around a lighter styled body.  The wine has the earthy dimension, for sure, but it also has that ample fruitiness that balances it all out and it was perfect for my grilled chops and mushroom dinner.  Man, life is good.

Rounding out our little beggar's banquet were pasta salad, lima beans, and a tossed salad, none of which has anything to do with the grill but was essential to my experience anyway.  In case you can't tell, I like my grill.  I'm already planning future meals and smelling that sweet smoke as I imagine the food.

 I guess we could get tired of the thing.  Nah...

Maybe I could rent it out and me too.  Start a new cottage industry, "Have Grill Will Travel".

This Friday from 5 to 7pm, David "I'm just a Georgia country boy" Rimmer joins us again as he tastes us on Chilean whites and roses and Italian reds.  David has thirty years in the biz just like me so he can teach us this and that as we taste.  Please join us.

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  1. Can I ask which smoker you got and where?

  2. It's a Charbroil Electric Infrared grill with a seperate smoker box from Lowes!