Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Naked Winery and Orgasmic Wine Company

Okay, this is shameless on so many levels, but I am just reporting, mind you, so play along.  The winery proprietors, the Barringer and Michalec families, created this monster and even though I am personally a confirmed stick-in-the-mud, this is fun.

Stan Fenner with Artisan Vines introduced me to the "Outdoor Wino" line from Naked this week.  What makes these wines special?  The packaging.  These are really for taking outside on the boat, by the pool, on picnics, or hiking or camping.  They are bottled in 100% BHP-free plastic which is recyclable, reusable, and 1/6 the weight of glass.  Of course, it's a screwcap and the retro label reminds me of an outdoor drive-in movie sign.  Stan will be tasting these out next Friday here from 5-7pm.

Outdoor Wino consists of Wanderlust White, Picnic Table Pink and Rambling Red.  All three are light and fruity and intended to make one smile.  The white suggests fruit salad and honeysuckle; the pink is cherry and melon; the red is Cabernet, Merlot, and Syrah but it's the furthest thing from dry dinner wine.  For this tasting I would suggest attire of old tee shirts and cut offs (no shoes) unless you have a bowling shirt and plaid shorts or a filling station uniform.

If you want the full frontal presentation of the Naked Winery fare go to and prepare to blush.  I am not kidding.  Someone over there has a brazen sense of humor.

On the serious side...Stan is the vendor who presented Portuguese wines here a couple of weeks ago.  That tasting was an incredible hit with Dao red and Sottal white carrying the day but Monte de Ravasqueira, the last wine in the lineup, turned out to be the best $20 red in the store, to this day even.  Next Friday Stan will feature three new Portuguese wines along with the Naked Winery stuff. 

Just to make sure he gets the  order right, I'll call Stan when he's in the warehouse to remind him to pick up the Portuguese when he gets Naked.

Two big hits in recent weeks: Franciacorta and Picpoul, both blogged about here (just scroll down).  Stop in before next Friday, cite the blog, and purchase either with a 10% discount or both with 15%.

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