Friday, May 4, 2012

The 30 Largest Wine Companies

These 30 companies control two thirds of the American retail wine market. Since chain stores sell the most wine and require brand continuation, those stores are filled with wines from these companies. Privately held and small wineries have largely been forced to go to independent smaller retailers. To know which company owns which wine label, simply google the company and its inventory should appear at its website.

The dominance of these companies is an organic development, by the way. It makes sense when we look at America as a mass marketing machine. Moreover, the recession has worked for these companies with the providence of surplus juice to be worked out cheaply yet profitably. The correction that will happen after the economy recovers and the "wine lake" disappears could be dramatic so stay tuned and enjoy the bargains while they last.

The following information is from but like I said, you can easily retrieve label information by going to each website. Of course everything is fluid and different sources I checked vary with their rankings.

1. E & J Gallo Winery 77 million cases produced
2. The Wine Group 56 million
3. Constellation Brands 46 m
4. Bronco Wine Company 20 m
5. Foster's Wine Estates 18 m
6. Trinchero Family Estates 12 m
7. Ste. Michelle Wine Estates 6m
8. Diageo Chateau & Estate Wines 5.7 m
9. Jackson Family Wines 5 m
10. Brown-Forman Wines 6 m
11. Delicato Family Vineyards 2.5 m
12. F. Korbel and Bros. 2.5 m
13. Ascentia Wine Estates 2 m
14. Don Sebastiani & Sons 1.75 m
15. C. Mondavi & Sons 1.2 m
16. J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines 1 m
17. The Coppola Companies 900,000
18. Bogle Vineyards 850,000
19. Rodney Strong 800,000
20. The Hess Collection 650,000
21. Precept Brands 600,000
22. Purple Wine Company 515,000
23. Ironstone Vineyards 500,000
24. Foley Wine Group 500,000
25. San Antonio Winery 500,000
26. Castle Rock Winery 450,000
27. Adler Fels Winery 450,000
28. Domaine Chandon 440,000
29. Hahn Family Wines 400,000
30. Rutherford Wine Company 380,000

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