Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Handcraft Wines

Handcraft Wines is a label that gets its official release tomorrow, February 1st. We have it in the store today because we get deliveries once a week from most of our suppliers and we felt this one deserved early release. Handcraft is a label from Cheryl Indelicato of DFV (Delicato Family Vineyards) of Lodi, California. We have discussed DFV in the past and concluded that for a mega-wine company (tenth overall) DFV actually overperforms quality-wise. What we haven't talked about here is the personal side of this business.

Cheryl Indelicato, like all of her siblings, left home to go to school and start a career doing something outside of the wine business. That is actually a mandate from the family: No one goes straight into the family business without trying something else first. In her case it was nursing. She was successful but chose to return to DFV and her love of food and wine at a time of generational transition when leadership was needed in the company.

Cheryl specializes in food and wine pairings and utilized this talent along with her Italian heritage to blend the wines for Handcraft to be food friendly and Italian in style. Specific wine information is available at www.handcraftwines.com. Moreover, Handcraft afforded her the opportunity to give back to the medical community and particularly the fight against breast cancer. One dollar per bottle of Handcraft sold ($12.99/btl) is donated to breast cancer research and that, folks, is substantial.

Our Handcraft wine tasting is scheduled for Saturday February 17th when Jon Allen of Georgia Crown Distributing will be here to tell us all about them. In the meantime stop in and purchase a bottle of Handcraft Chardonnay or any of the three reds and become a soldier in the war on breast cancer.

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