Saturday, January 7, 2012

Alsace Part I: The Near Miss

Alright, its a new year and I haven't blogged in six weeks, but I'm turning over a new leaf along with the calendar page and I am resolving to blog more and less, less depth and length to my blogs and writing more often. Afterall, I am most definitely not a student writing term papers anymore and to write that way when you don't have to is, well, abnormal.

Recently I took home a bottle of Calixte Cremant d'Alsace with which I intended to bring in the new year only to have my dear wife offer it as a honeymoon gift to a most worthy couple. I hope they liked it (harrumpf!). I guess I will have to imagine how good it was. But this near miss brings to mind how much I love Alsatian wines. I have been known to declare Alsace to be "the finest wine region in the world" because everything they produce there is a best example of that type of wine, which is an overstatement, but an overstatement to make a point: The great whites of Alsace are, in fact, the finest examples of Gewurztraminer, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, and (perhaps) Riesling.

Calixte is, however, 100% Pinot Noir and that grape grown in Alsace will never be mistaken for Burgundy. But it is sparkling rose from the finest red wine grape in the world produced in the finest wine production region (I just said that) using the champagne method, all of which informs me that this would have been a fantastic accompaniment with which to enjoy New Years Eve. Ahhh...the near miss.

Did you ever wonder if the one that got away, would have been as good "in fact" as it is in your imagination?

Calixte is a $20 retail but if you cite this blog it is 10% off. Try it and then tell me how much you enjoyed it. Harrumpf!

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