Monday, August 7, 2017

Boutinot USA

I haven't ranted about how vacuous wine company websites are lately...but they are!  That's why the Boutinot website is so refreshing.  They actually want you to learn about them which logically leads you to conclude they must have a worthwhile product to sell.

Despite the "USA" part of their name, Boutinot is a UK-based company.  They were founded in 1980, about the time I got into this business.  We just learned about them this year when they were presented to us by the fine wine representative for their Atlanta distributorship.  That individual effectively tasted us on the wines slowly and with commentary like the wines were a much higher priced product. When the presentation was completed we were given the pricing - most Boutinots can be retailed in the $10 range!

The following information is all taken from their website,

Boutinot is a company of 70+ employees who represent grape growers, wine makers, importers, and exclusive agents for more than 150 wine producers in fifteen countries making 1,400 wines.  They have relationships with wine makers in Spain, Chile, and Australia where they own vineyards, cellars, and wineries.  Boutinot also owns wine making facilities in South Africa and at three European facilities; two just outside of the Rhone and Beaujolais regions and one in Piedmont, Italy.  Boutinot also represents Cline Cellars of Sonoma, California

Forty-four million bottles of Boutinot wines are sold annually.

Boutinot also has a philosophy - They want to produce wines with "soul and character".  They want minimal intervention between vineyard and winery, meaning they want the wines to reflect the vineyard terroir.  They desire a "natural synergy" between the grape growers and the wine makers yielding wines that show provenance, purity, expression, and finesse.  They want authenticity.

Please join us here at the store this Thursday at 5pm when David Hobbs presents the wines of Bodega  Altocedro of Mendoza, Argentina.

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