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Tetilla is a mild cow's milk cheese from Galicia in the far northwest of Spain.  Before the creation of the DO (denomination of origin) laws, Tetilla was made in just three neighboring towns.  Now with the maturing of the worldwide cheese market it is produced throughout Galicia.  Tetilla received its DO in 1993 and its EU protection (DOP) in 1996.

Tetilla is unique for its shape.  It's like a 1 1/2# Hershey's Kiss (sans foil wrap and chocolate color).  The name of the cheese means small breast, which it also resembles, as well as appearing to be somewhat like a slightly flattened pear.  It is that appearance that catches people's eye.

The cheese is mild compared to others and that limits its appeal to a lot of us.  If given a chance, however, Tetilla offers an inviting aroma of fresh butter and cow's milk.  Tetilla's flavor profile includes buttery, slightly bitter, tangy flavors wrapped in an enticing creaminess that one could imagine pouring over asparagus or some other veggie or melted over a baked dish of some kind.  While the cheese is soft-ish, it can be carefully sliced for sandwiches.  Tetilla is considered to be a dessert cheese in Spain so pairing it with apples or some other fresh fruit sounds good also.

Tetilla is a pale ivory-straw in color with a thin natural rind.  The paste is even and compact with thick moist fattiness.  In hot and humid Galicia, Tetilla is served with Manzanilla Sherry or Albarino or some other light dry white wine.  By extension a light red or rose should also work well.

(Blogging means not having to footnote sources which is both liberating and a little unfair to those who do the research ahead of guys like me.  Every once in a while a resource seems to be so good a "shout out" seems necessary. is one of those websites that everyone should know about if just to have it at hand for researching the next Spanish cheese you bring home.)

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