Monday, December 1, 2014

Wine Gifts

If you know that your intended recipient is a wine lover, then why not indulge him/her with what they like. Sounds too easy, right?  For a lot of us, it is.  Over and over again I see customers trying to buy wine for others and ending up buying what they, themselves, like.  It's human nature.  We are all self-centered in probably a very similarly human way so we just assume someone else would like what we like...and of course, it ain't necessarily so.

Was it Socrates who said, "know thyself"?  Sage wisdom.  Pretty smart guy.  I would add, "know your friends".  Then, after pegging down your friends' tastes, resist the impulse to still act in your own interests and do your best to satisfy the others' tastes.  Now part of knowing your friends is knowing how particular they are about these kinds of things and conversely, how open they are to new experiences.  If you perceive "wiggle room" in the openness side of things, then by all means stretch that person with a new wine experience...but be careful.

Here are a few guidelines when purchasing wine for others:

1.  Label counts.  I know it sounds petty but people form an opinion about their gift as soon as they lay eyes on it.  So get a good looking package.

2.  Place may be important.  If there is an ethnic connection or perhaps a past (or future) trip to a wine venue, or some vague something else relating to place; really anything might make your gift a bit more intimate by extension.  Who knows what kind of transference may be conjured up by seeing a meaningful place name on a wine bottle.

3.  Price.  During the holidays we have the impossible job of doing right with our friends and at the same time doing right financially with ourselves.  I guess the solution is to stretch our budgets as we are able and hope for the best!

4.  Champagne!  I'm going to belt out this number as long as I'm in this business.  Champagne is an ideal gift for the holiday season, but once again, only if you sense acceptance on the part of the recipients.

5.  Packaging.  Here we mean gift bags, boxes, or baskets.  This store does it all and you may find one option better than the others.  We also provide boxes for shipping but by law, we do not ship.

Finally, by shopping here you have access to my thirty-five years of experience in the fine wine business.  I am quite confident we can get you what you need in the way of a wine gift.

This Friday after 5pm David Klepinger of Northeast Sales joins us for an evening of everyday California wines and a few special imports.  David is an engaging presenter at wine tastings and with his extensive background just go ahead and line up your wine questions now and then come and join us for the tasting.

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