Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easter Champagne

What could be more symbolically appropriate than to open a bottle of great Champagne on Easter Sunday.  First off, you don't need any occasion to pop a cork, but come on, Easter begs the issue.  This is the acme of the Christian year and what says celebration like Champagne.  So I know what you're thinking; you're wondering just how should you enjoy your bubbly this time.  Here are a few suggestions:

1.  There is a reason why Champagne brunches are as popular as they are.  Is it because Champagne is less filling (like Miller Lite?).  I'd like to believe it's because the stuff is uplifting.  I guess we'll have to leave that one to greater minds than mine to figure out.  Hey, I say just enjoy it!

2.  I love Champagne by itself.  Toasts being optional, the wine becomes the event when it is poured separate from the meal and we all become entranced by those tiny bubbles scaling our wine flutes.  Even if you have just had it with a meal, open another after dinner just for the heck of it, and go ahead and make a toast!

3.  Here's a secret: Champagne goes with food!  Like with still wines, the acidity cuts through fat and there is something about the bubbles (and minerality) that work with salt.  So I'm thinking a light dry Blancs des Blancs Champagne with fried fish or chicken and a heavier, richer Blancs de Noir with steak.  Some of those wonderfully inexpensive Spanish Cavas could cover both!  Did someone say Barbecue?

4.  Speaking of Cavas, you know they have tapas over there so why not pop a cork over the afternoon snack tray.  I hear they do something similar in Italy so try a Prosecco if you want something less dry but equally satisfying.  Sliced meats, smoked fish, nuts, olives, and bruschetta are all historic combinations but what's wrong with chips, pretzels, popcorn, and the like.  Works for me!

5.  And then there's dessert!  I say match the sweetness of the Champagne with the sweetness of the dessert which probably means we're talking pretty sweet!  Or not!  Like we said earlier, the bubbly makes the event, so dessert becomes something special no matter which kind you pop open!

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