Saturday, February 23, 2013

2011 Villa Pozzi Nero d'Avola

There's a first time for everything.  Last night's tasting winner was the Pozzi Nero d'Avola from Sicily which was light and fruity and everything a typical tasting crowd would enjoy.  The Kunde Cabernet and Chardonnay also showed well by the way.  So because Pozzi is not a stranger to our tasting table here, I scrolled back to see what I may have written in the past and, lo and behold, on March 3rd of last year we wrote about the 2010 version of the same wine.  So if you want to read about Nero d'Avola see the March 3, 2012 blog.  No need to reinvent the wheel here.

Please join us this Friday, June 1st from 5 to 7pm for the next installment of our ongoing tasting adventure series.  That lineup should include Argentine Malbecs and California reds and whites.  Then on Thursday March 7th Gail Avera returns to the V&C friendly confines to entertains us with a lineup of brand new California wines and then on the following Saturday, March 9th, David Hobbes of Prime Wines will be here to present more California reds and whites.  On the Friday between the two events we will take a night off which means we'll have something open but nothing to write home about.

Here's an addendum to the preceding blogpost (2/21/13):  Two of our best (and best selling) wines of the past couple months are products of the Niven Family Wine Estates: Tangent Albarino, which you can read about at blogpost 10/16/12 and Baileyana Chardonnay and Pinot Noir which we recommended with abandon during the holidays.  And so it goes.

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