Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wine Tasting Observations July 10, 2012

Last night's tasting was successful in several ways.  The wines were certainly good and presented well by the Akers (importers) and Gail Avera (distributor) and the turnout was wonderful and the monetary support of this program was commensurate.  All in all, I think a good time was had by all.

Three wines outsold the others: the Testimento Sauvignon Blanc, Young Malbec, and Young Cabernet.  Just behind those three were three from Siete Fincas: Rose of Pinot Noir, Estate Malbec, and Secreto red blend.  The Testimento Estate Malbec, which I loved, surprisingly sold poorly.  The wines ranged in price from $15-$26 and, in general, the lower priced ones outsold the higher ones.  Secreto was the most expensive wine offered and it was decanted three hours ahead of time which makes me wonder if sales would have improved for  the Testimento Estate Malbec if we had decanted it.

It's no secret that we are in the bag for Argentine Malbecs at this store.  Big earthy red wines are up there with saurkraut and sausage, Greek salads, and carrot cake in my book and actually may work gastronomically with two of the three, although my tastes are far from mainstream.  The textbook would actually say Malbec is steak wine but this leads to a discussion of styles of Malbec and they are indeed all over the map.  Last night's Young Malbec was fruity making it a good stand alone cocktail or bistro/tapas wine.  Despite the heft of many Malbecs, I still like them as summer backyard cookout wines.  I can't explain that except that I like Malbecs!

Last night's Pinot Rose was a real eye-opener!  Three weeks ago when I tasted it, I was thoroughly unimpressed.  Last night it showed great, almost like a red wine.  It was so flavorful it was like a  Malbec rose.  Just like the young reds, I am sure the rose and Sauvignon Blanc sold well because of the season, which isn't to diminish them so much as to acknowlege how much we are influenced that way.

Lastly let me close with a word of thanks to all of you who support this small business.  Conservatively, it probably costs us $10 per person to do what we do here at these tastings.  As romantically as we look at this subject, wine is a narrow mark-up commodity and, as a wine retailer, I do appreciate your generosity.  Gateway Domestic Violence Center, our chosen charity, does also.

This Friday from 5-7pm we will be tasting the "ones that got away", wines we have announced for tastings but got bounced from the lineup for one reason or another.  Among that list are: Whitehaven Pinot Noir, The Crossings Unoaked Chardonnay, Waterbrook Reserve Merlot, Martin Ray Pinot Gris, Penfolds Bin 2 Shiraz, and Oyster Bay Chardonnay and as I am writing this I am fully aware that some of these will no doubt get bounced again!

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