Monday, February 6, 2012

Wine Tasting Observations

The two whites tasted out friday night, Masciarelli Trebbiano and Cote Est blend, proved to be among the most popular of the evening. It was interesting, as a third party observer, to hear tasters comment on the two wines utilizing my mercenary's ear for learning what I could sell. Two hour's worth of eavesdropping left me with an understanding that this is indeed subjective and open to interpretation and if you think about this stuff too much, you will go nuts.

The differences between the two whites? Masciarelli is Italian; Cote Est, French. Masciarellli is forthright and flavorful (brash?); Cote Est is lighter and more nuanced. Masciarelli is old world; Cote Est is somewhat forward and could pass for new world. Masciarelli is food wine; Cote Est is too but it may be nice before dinner or by itself. In cool weather, Masciarelli; in hot, Cote Est. You see, even my observations are biased.

Both whites sold equally well, but tellingly, my two best white wine customers opted for Cote Est. I kind of liked the Masciarelli. Go figure!

FYI: We have four special event wine tastings with guest speakers scheduled for February 9th, 10th, 17th, and 18th. All are from 5 to 7pm except Saturday the 18th which will be earlier.

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