Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wine Tasting Review November 15, 2011

Tuesday evening we tasted six wines here at the store; three whites, two reds, and a rose; with an announced Thanksgiving pairing theme. Our whites included 2009 Namaste Dry Riesling, 2010 Val de Salis Viognier, and 2009 Namaste Peace (Chardonnay blend). The reds were 2010 Lovatti Brolo Val Sorda (Merlot/Sangiovese) and 2008 Waterstone Carneros Pinot Noir. Our rose was 2010 Rotta Zinfandel Rose. Namaste is from Oregon; Waterstone and Rotta are California wines; with Val de Salis being French and Lovatti, Italian.

Four of these wines had been tasted here in recent months with the Namastes being the only first timers here. I have made it no secret that I am in the bag for Val de Salis Viognier and Waterstone Pinot Noir and the public has spoken for Lovatti in past tastings, making it the all time best seller here. The Rotta Zin Rose is just a charming crowd pleaser. I expected the Namastes to be popular here but I thought pricing would limit their sales.

The envelope, please... Our winners by sales were Namaste Dry Riesling ($19.99) and Rotta Zinfandel Rose ($10.99). Explanation? Namaste is a refreshingly new approach to Riesling, a sophisticated light dry white. Rotta is just plain fun.

But what about our Thanksgiving dinner theme? In a traditional T-day meal, the sweeter aspects dominate so the Rotta would be an obvious winner being off-dry and the Namste Peace ($26.99) would be also. If the meal featured the roast bird with fewer sweet sides I think the Waterstone Pinot Noir and either the Riesling or Viognier ($10.99) would work.

We had a great disparity in prices in this show. Holidays are the time when spending for your wine should increase, sort of by definition. Recessions write the rules though, for many of us. This recession does offer bargains in pricing and quality so stop in and pick some up for the holiday. A case purchase at this time also makes sense with Christmas in mind.

On Friday November 18th from 5-7pm, Christy Dart of Gusto Brands will be hear with another T-day tasting lineup. Join us and stock up!

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