Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Websites, Segura Viudas, and Lovatti

A while back I commented that so many winery websites were little more than puff pieces to promote their product. I think I said the more successful ones were akin to a welcome mat for visitors. Among my critical issues about winery websites, I find a high production glossy veneer with shallowness and superficiality toward their product with accompanying annoyingly loud pop music, to be about the worst. As I see it, foreign language barriers are my problem if I can't understand them.

By contrast I feel like I am learning from an adult at the great Spanish Cava website, www.seguraviudasusa.com. Check it out. It is so well done I would feel like a really lousy thief if I borrowed information from them because they set it forth so well. "Great wine is born in the vineyard. Each grape type is suited to the soil, altitude, and microclimate within the estate and it is all estate fruit using only the first pressings for this fine Cava. The wine is a golden straw color with a finely integrated mousse. Long aging on the lees lends notes of pastry and butter with a balance of fruit and acidity resolving into a refreshingly dry finish." So I'm a thief. You know even if all of that were just creative writing, it's still so well done I'm salivating.

Cava is Spanish Sparkling Wine and Segura Viudas is truly something special, which speaks to another website criticism of mine. So often the product in the bottle doesn't live up to the verbiage in print. Segura Viudas does. The Brut NV is a blend of 50% Macabeo (see June 25th blog), 40% Parellada, and 10% Xarel-lo. The Segura Viudas Heredad is a blend of Parellada, offering subtlety and elegance, and Xarel-lo, offering backbone, body and acidity. Brut NV is an $11.99 retail; Heredad, $19.99. This is holiday fare, people. Pick some up now for Thanksgiving and serve it before, during, or after the meal...or all three!

Our "Meteor" award winner from the previous blog was Lovatti Brolo Val Sorda 2010, a charming red from the Lake Garda region of north-central Italy. At their website I learned that Brolo is a blend of 50% Merlot and 50% Sangiovese from the Veneto region with characteristicly fragrant, intense berry aromas and velvety, harmonious berry flavors wrapped within its medium body format. The "Meteor" goes to the wine that sells out the quickest at our Friday tastings and with a description like that you can see why. Yummm. Then the website goes on to say Brolo goes with most any meal and I want to throttle someone. Pasta, yes. Appetisers, I think so. But steak? Come on.

Websites, sheesh!

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