Monday, August 29, 2011

Winetasting Report August 26, 2011

Well this will be easy. All of the wines were quite good, okay? I guess I ought to say more.

To the best of my knowledge Cambridge and Sunset and Tiki Sound are recession wines. During these funky times non-historic labels will appear containing surprisingly good juice at relatively bargain prices. Contracts for pricier wines get broken forcing producers to develop ways to channel the product to consumers. Actually historic labels seem to be better also because they are being "goosed" with higher ticket juice that isn't moving at the regular price. This store is full of such offerings. But I digress...

The best seller Friday night was the C&S Red Blend (Cabernet/Zinfandel) which was a tasty quaff indeed. It tasted like a big fat country-style California Cabernet, delicious by itself and great with burgers and more. The second best seller was the C&S Chardonnay, a seriously sturdy example of classic California Chard.

The Tiki Sound New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir were just fine at their $12price point. They were fine examples of type with the Sauvignon Blanc being refreshingly restrained in its citrus fruit index. The Pinot was just earthy enough to get complaints from some, my kind of wine.

The C&S Cabernet was chalky and lacking in fruit. That said, it tasted just fine to me, just not up to snuff with the rest.

I forgot one. The Berton Muscat Frizzante from Australia was great! It was just sweet enough for most cocktail occasions. One taster compared it to the New Age from Argentina that makes a "Tincho" when you squeeze a lime into it. Maybe we should have done that.

You know how you can tell the recession is over? These kinds of wines will either go away or they won't taste nearly so good. You get the picture.

Stop in this week and try any of these with ten pecent off the regular price or get six with 15% off by citing this blog.

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