Monday, June 13, 2011

Review of June 10th Wine Tasting

Of six wines tasted five deserve mention.

1. The first wine in the lineup was the 2010 Sensi Collezione Italian Pinot Grigio. It is an off-dry, light summer quaffer, perfect for this time of year. At $10.99/btl it was understandably the most popular wine of the tasting.

2. Kloster Pinot Noir 2005 is an industry close-out ($7.99/btl)from Phalz, Germany. It is a light and fruity red, again completely appropriate for the event and it too sold very well.

3. The 2008 Van Ruiten Old Vine Lodi Zinfandel is one we have tasted and approved in the past. It too sold well at $18.99/btl.

4. 2010 Sweet B Shiraz is a very good sweet red wine ($9.99/btl) but apparently we didn't have sweet red lovers here on Friday.

5. Novecento Sparkling Argentine Rosado was a real eye opener. It is labelled "dulce" but was not exceptionally sweet or the acidity and bubbles cut its sweetness. The makeup of the wine also includes a lot of white juice, making it a lighter than expected rose. It was very good at $12.99/btl.

All in all it was a good showing. Cite the blog and try any of these with a 10% discount this week.


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