Monday, May 16, 2011

Dow Douro Vale do Bomfim 2008

We don't often pick up a book that is too far removed from our areas of interest, go to a movie that doesn't offer a storyline we connect with, or order a plate of food that seems like it would be eccentric even within its ethnic tradition. We are basically conservative by nature. Here's a thought...what if we were just the opposite and tried everything we initially felt opposed to? Nah...that's too extreme.

So enters Vale Do Bomfim into the discussion. This is a Portuguse red blend from Dow, one of the great Port producers using grapes from Port vineyards to make this dry red dinner wine. Specifically the wine is 55% Tinta Barroca, 22% Tinta Roriz, 17% Old Mixed Vines (!?), 3% Touriga Nacional, and 3% Touriga Franca. I figure the OMV above is the reason for this wine being here. They had to do something with the juice from those darn old mixed vine grapes. But its really not anything we would like to try though...or is it?

Last weekend we tasted out this $12.99 offering to mixed revues. The main criticism was its dryness which actually makes sense since it is european table wine intended to go with red meat. The flavor profile was complex to say the least. Wine reviews I have seen list every berry in the book for Bomfim. I personally like "bramble fruit". The wine is rich and structured, velvety textured, with structured ripe tannins. The nose is gamey and earthy; the finish, respectably long. This is a big rustic chewy red bursting with character enabled by a bright fresh acidity. Most definitely have it with red meat on the grill.

So way back when, I used to have a friend in my circle who would declare, 'Well I liked it!', after everyone else present expressed their disapproval of whatever was the subject of discussion. In the case of Bomfim, "I like it!"


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