Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Raymond Vineyards of Napa Valley

Hello All,

We have been selling Raymond wines for a few months with great success and recently the Family Classic Cabernet and R Collection Merlot have stunned with their complexity and class. Their presence in this store deserves some text here. Please read on.

The vintages in the store are '07 meaning they predate the current ownership, Boisset Family Estates, a multinational wine company comprising twenty properties in europe and california. They bought the property in 2009 from Kirin Holdings Company who in turn purchased it from the Raymond family. The 200 acre property and Raymond family management team has stayed intact with each sale. If you go to the winery website, however, Raymond's history prior to '09 just isn't there. So here it is.

The Raymond family tree in Napa goes back to the 1870s under the name Beringer; yes, that Beringer. The Raymond Winery name started with three family members, notably including winemaker Walter Raymond in 1971. The first vintage was 1974 and the wines in the store today were made by that same Walter Raymond.

Raymond is located in the Rutherford appellation of Napa and practices organic and biodynamic farming an ethic also espoused by Jean-Charles Boisset, head of the privately held Boisset Family estates based in Sausalito, California. If changes are forthcoming from Boisset ownership one can only hope they are modest This Friday we will be tasting the R Collection Merlot so stop in.


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